Do you want to represent your country?!

During your time here in Zaragoza we all test out our little prejudices, curious to see if there might be some truth in them: Will that Spanish girl be late for dinner? Can I drink this Russian dude under the table? Does that three-kisses-on-the-cheek thing also apply for two French guys, and how can I freak out a well-reserved Finn by teaching him that rule? While asking yourself these questions, you’re of course constantly trying to disprove your own country’s clichés.

ISA ZARAGOZA invites you to lay off that burden for a night and be the most typical representation of your home possible. So, Germans, get out those sandals and white tennis socks, Italians, don’t hold back on those gestures any more (as if you ever did!), and Asians, feel free to take as many pictures on your iPads as you like!

Meet us:
Wednesday 15th of september from 21.30 at 

TERRAZA LOS PORCHES ( downstairs  Los porches del Audiorama)

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