International Dinner: A Night of Global Flavors and Memories!

Event Details:

Date: Thursday 30
Time: 22.30 to 23.30 Dinner | From 23.30 Party time – Choose your music in the members whatsapp Group.
Location: Manolo La nuit ( C/ del Temple , 18)

Join us for the final ISA party of this spring semester – a memorable International Dinner where everyone brings a dish from their country that can be eaten with hands. This event is not just about savoring diverse cuisines, but also celebrating the incredible journey we’ve all shared in Zaragoza.

To make this night unforgettable, please bring a white t-shirt. At the party, you’ll have the chance to sign each other’s shirts with your names, creating a special souvenir full of memories and friendships.

ISA will bring pens to write down in the T Shirts !

Activity opened to everyone!

Do you want to come? Sign up in the following form :
First Round of Tickets: 3€ ( 40 in total ) includes a drink
Second Round of tickets: 6€ ( up to 200) includes two drinks