Go with us on an extraordinary trip to Logroño, a picturesque town in northern Spain that is famous as the wine capital. This place, full of charm and oenological traditions, captures the magnificent beauty of the landscape of La Rioja, Spain’s famous wine region. 


During this remarkable tour, you will have the opportunity to delve into the history of La Rioja winemaking. You will learn about the wines that were produced for hundreds of years in underground cellars. The story will be told directly from a member of a wine family whose roots go back as far as 500 years! You will tour the old underground galleries where wines are still maturing today, see the traditional silos used for wine production and learn about the process of producing this noble beverage. There will also be a tasting of two exceptional wines.


After the visit to the winery, we will head to the picturesque streets of the town of Logroño, where you will be able to savor the charms of the place. This is a unique opportunity to discover both the history and flavors of La Rioja!


The price includes bus and ticket to guide visit to vinery (  plus the tasting)


8.15am: meeting point Plaza San Francisco Bus Stop
11am: Guide bodega visit in LaGuardia 

1PM: arrival to Logroño
17.30pm: Back at Bus
19pm: Back at Plaza San Francisco

Price : €25 (just for ISA members)

HALAL VERSION AVAILABLE 20€ | Not wine , just visit and trip , ask for it in the group